Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Soon i will be heading to Africa... like conrad black or is that joseph campbell or is it simply the heart of darkness which you would never be able to understand compassion is not some thing yr born with but the color of yr skin makes a difference and in a blink of an eye it all ends and like the old formula goes...noise + fury = nothing Botsi April 17th 2015 then Carnegie 2016 and one final year then can i retire in peace with sheep and dogs and chickens and a garden climate change is coming the geese are getting fat where oh where did the love go? oh where oh where can it be? surely music lawyers are redundant i could not be misunderstood This is a rough draft. = = = = = = = = -

Saturday, 15 December 2012

Newly published poetry and prose book
Poems for The Shaw "Coming across a new writer may seem daunting but do not be put off. The trick is to persevere. Much good writing is multilayered and complex. It is precisely this diversity and complexity that makes literature rewarding and exhilarating. Undoubtedly the best way to extract the most from a text is to read it several times." —Rose Miller-- A dishwasher in Edmonton witnesses a friend demoted an old lady exploited a man subjected to racism and his girlfriend insulted... so he organizes a union. Here are the vignettes. Here are the poems. POETRY & PROSE / MEMOIR Hardcover / 4.5" x 7.625" / 96 pages ISBN 978-0-9880710-0-1 Published by Confab Press