Thursday, 30 September 2010

up and up

well my little world continues to increases in material wealth...for whatever reason stocks i have bought have gone up and i am happy..the shallowness of my existence reduced to smiles and dollar signs..and that for now is fine...having been poor it is a much more consuming socio-economic position to be in...being rich takes less time and is less taxing...slave wage reality is dehumanizing...though i may be contributing to the system by being a capitalist i am not ready to check out or drop out as O'Leary urged...may all my friends be rich

Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Numb nuts Tolle
doesn’t tell you this
but any sense of consumerism or improvement or well being takes one out of the “Now”
Accumulation and consumerism
First one an instincts of preservation
The second one
a case of subjectitis
People without religion create deities to themselves
Base base base
Primitive emotions are animalistic
Sublime human ones not so
A primitive need for preservation

A primitive need for control

Control a need for preservation
Measure a need for control
Preservation a need for a need

Death will take your breath a way
I can only make you choke

Keep on keepin’ on
As a young poet
use to say

Monday, 27 September 2010


sadly it looks as if Obama is being orphanized in high office...the liberals of course want change but are not really interested in the sacrifice that will be required...words and ideas are nice but change will require a re-evaluation of elitist values and really they love their way of life...being a democrat is in many ways a luxury...a well heeled one, particularly, is suspect...capitalism does not lend itself to compromise or should i say that differently....storing the couch tonight, then returning the TV stand to home depot....over.

Hi Shawn!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, 26 September 2010

Sunday Night

Well Saturday was a drunk and a bit of a fight with some bouncer and i wet the bed...
forgot to eat and just drank and you know what happens with alcohol and blood sugar
and all that so woke up to a wet mattress and a girlfriend who knows i'm sick...

so today i did some home improvements, put in a closet door
and made dinner because i felt like a dimble dweeb and i'm 44. ..
sheepish is a good word...

now blogging and getting ready for bed...
big week coming...
gotta find a place on commercial drive and buy a trailer...

my generation will be the last to value privacy...
i wonder if Jimmy Pattison tells anyone all his secrets or business aspirations...
the public generation...

my my interesting times...
the age of aquarius...
consciousness is changing
so eat organic and
process endlessly

keep it real

ha ha

Saturday, 25 September 2010

Stock market

it goes up and it goes is spun at ferocious speeds..while the working wage for the American has stayed the same for the last thirty the old saying goes...the capital creates capital...a mere million will earn more than many manual laborers do in a a million at 5% earns $50,000 a guy hauling mud for a stucco earns $15 an hour or $30,000 a the system values capital more than production...the stock market creates less wealth and more production, things are getting better...capitalism is working except as Milt Friedman would say it does not reward virtue...see utube Friedman vs Donahue merely appeals to self interest and Friedman appears pious selfish and little...and the system prevails...

most people get their information from the media; and the media can be manipulated; if the weapons of mass production propaganda campaign, to justify the Iraq war, is an indication. The government releases information to the media and the media gives it us.

For security the important decisions are kept confidential.

so why is the stock market going up after a crash...because it always has...we live well in the civilized world...the industrial military complex is clearly in charge...there are no breaks in the armour...and things have sped up.

Marx postulated every 10 to 12 years violent shakes, Lenin said every 8 to ten, now the social scientist say it takes about seven years to forget a mistake and do it all again and now I say we are under five...

welcome to the new world of bubbles and crashes...which the financial illiterate know nothing of...and already the main index has recovered some 80% of its value in Canada...we have lots of resources and with a rising population and an finite natural resources...

the race is on...the most famous junior resource exchange in the world the VSE...they just call it the TSX...most of Bay street is there... here we have Howe St....

west coast...the weather, the ocean, the mountains and the trees keep us innocent...location location location

Forget that....back to where we left creates capital and a race is on for resources...I'm positioned in TCC and believe it will go higher...I'm accumulating a position in LTH a seven center which has potential and some money...over thirty percent last year and over thirty so far this year...and then of course there is money management which is not my strong card...ha

Friday, 24 September 2010

The world is becoming computerized, humanity, frustrated at the limitations of their understanding of the ununderstandable have poured their efforts into making the world measurable, comprehensible and orderly, which to say the least, is deadening and purchasable.

Our love of technology will ultimately be our biggest irony...
read Ronald Wrights theory of progress traps...
which he professes is not a refutation of evolution...
but does stress, a constant wish for improvement, may not be, what it implies,

we young,
then older,
then die

or will the elite, continue to find immortality, by in fact, wishing to live forever (See Harvard Immortality Technology) and looking to eradicate all disease, all suffering, all pain, all hardship, to create a utopia, of boredom and consumerism...

speaking of which, a new sofa is coming and i must find storage of the barely, old one...
this is an example of the what the post modernists
call excess economies
and writers call bad literature...

storage i need because i bought more than i need...
and there are more creative solutions
but that would require work
and i have not seen that from you...

not work in the slave wage lineage,

but to a time,

of aspiration,
beyond the power...

the creative task does in fact
put one in the position of creator...

now a days most people repeat.

Thursday, 23 September 2010

The rain in Richmond BC is constant, or at least today it was..yet i hope for sun tomorrow and there will be none forthcoming or so it looks...i want to travel yet unsure of where to go in the cool of winter..preferably somewhere hot...and i have this luxury philosophy, that is not useful for the emancipation of society, good for anything. I get the sense it's not when i watch video of Foucault, who seems quite intent on being smart in a sharp clear way..that he is a leather dude lends to my credence...and his intelligence may have opened doors to new realities beyond the Habbermas would say the inter subjectivity or as i would say

a dance in sun
and with sun
and sun is in the lead
and at other times
you are

though i mustn't tell you this....

I forgot
you make
your own
you American....we could...
well...back in


is blues-try
and wet.
came in
from vegas
paid 120
for myself,
,june and
luggage but
not the bus
another $60...

here to record an album...
then off to Sshan Hai,
like millions of jet setters
on the cheap..

u.s. privledged

go and go and go..

the poor chinaman
dooes not
move around
he gets


settling is not fo me...

Monday, 20 September 2010

Leaving Las Vegas

My three week holiday in sin city is coming to a close...the rents are cheap, the food is cheap and if you can stay away from the tables you'll do just fine here..especially if you have income from the internet or can hustle your way about ...not too many jobs here as far as i can tell..and the casinoes keep laying people off.

Back to stinking Richmond BC and the rain and the chinese signs and bad old people driving..that's where i grew up but that's not where i'm staying...thinking about moving to this a blog?

Friday, 17 September 2010


This photograph is being used to promote a performance at the Fringe Festival in Vancouver. The play is called Framed and my friend Brydon Innes is the one being screamed at. If you get a chance go and see it. Last performance is Sept. 19th 2010...I have to say this as i am using his picture with out his permission..ha