Tuesday, 26 April 2011

vegas ain't bad

april in the desert

the flowers are yellow
purple and pink...
the sky is blue and
the rock is red...
the rabbits are thin
and snakes are hidden
under crevices and sun

songs in the wind

Monday, 11 April 2011


Formation of the superego

The superego forms as the child grows and learns parental and social standards. The superego consists of two structures: the conscience, which stores information about what is "bad" and what has been punished and the ego ideal, which stores information about what is "good" and what one "should" do or be.

The ego's use of defense mechanisms

When anxiety becomes too overwhelming, it is then the place of the ego to employ defense mechanisms to protect the individual. Feelings of guilt, embarrassment and shame often accompany the feeling of anxiety. In the first definitive book on defense mechanisms, The Ego and the Mechanisms of Defense (1936),[6] Anna Freud introduced the concept of signal anxiety; she stated that it was "not directly a conflicted instinctual tension but a signal occurring in the ego of an anticipated instinctual tension". The signaling function of anxiety is thus seen as a crucial one and biologically adapted to warn the organism of danger or a threat to its equilibrium. The anxiety is felt as an increase in bodily or mental tension and the signal that the organism receives in this way allows it the possibility of taking defensive action towards the perceived danger. Defense mechanisms work by distorting the id impulses into acceptable forms, or by unconscious or conscious blockage of these impulses.

  • Level I - pathological defenses (i.e. psychotic denial, delusional projection)
  • Level II - immature defenses (i.e. fantasy, projection, passive aggression, acting out)
  • Level III - neurotic defenses (i.e. intellectualization, reaction formation, dissociation, displacement, repression)
  • Level IV - mature defenses (i.e. humor, sublimation, suppression, altruism, anticipation)

Friday, 8 April 2011


April 08, 2011

People are suffering the world over and I write poetry and look after an apartment and some birds. I do not have the awareness to solve the worlds’ problems and it never happens the way we think it will transpire.

Where I live the people are rich.

An average home cost a million dollars and the area is being flooded by rich Chinese immigrants.

I barely know anyone and this is where I grew up. For many this is a safe place or better said an end point, in what Fukuyama calls the adventure of capitalism and now ...rich suburbs, gated communities, private resorts, private islands, private health clubs, private, private, private…

entry allowed only to those who can afford it, regardless                                     of accumulation which is often through no effort of their own.

As Zizek mentions,

news walls are being built, new apartheids formed, people are being exploited as the minority has the majority

the ideology has the answer for many problems but not this one

the environment-- leave it to the markets

intellectual property rights-- leave it to the lawyers

bioenergetics—leave it for the professors

confuscious taught we live our lives with parameters firmly set by heaven

Buffets says cigarettes are a good investment                                                     or what he does is invest in the future of an addict

which generally means a consistent out come.

If you smoke at 34 good chance you’ll be smoking at 44.

ego id super ego, I never really understood this

ego means I in latin,

id means it and

super ego means super i.

with awareness comes motivation with awareness…

with capitalism you want a guarantee and the only guarantee you get is the more capital the more freedom thus assuaging of the super ego or the over I…

is that true?

we all want security and capitalism offers that with individuality thrown into the mix and we all got to go sometime  

the stock market keeps going up.

Sunday, 3 April 2011


I wish i could vote for the green party on an anti capitalist platform... you know like even the enviroment is more important than money but i cannot.

The best i can hope for is a minority government; with the liberals in the lead and the ndp, at least, a factor.

Because the Harperites believe in more military and jails they will run on a platform of fear. Attack adds and scare tactics. ex)Iggie will raise taxes.

on the street...
immigrants are having a difficult time...
it takes up to 11 years to get their parents over...

the conservatives don't want them because they are unproductive and a drain on resources...ok
but what about family values...
uh that only counts with white canadians...

are you saying the conservatives are racist...
everybody knows that...
they have tougher immigration policies than the liberals...
that's not true

they like rich people
i know, but so do the liberals

harper and ignatieuff are from the same family
their brothers,
one's an intellectual and the other's a politician
their mother is proud.