Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Social Media

(for Ben, Jock and Jo-Anne)

To have your life nullified

when one is young

is different than art.


make the shame bearable

I do not know

about the other side.


if Freud is correct

then pharmaceuticals

will not affect the unconscious.


a good play, a good poem,

a good song, a good anything

is not a formula or a pill.

Tuesday, 30 August 2011


I feel I am always in the gap between two or more selves, and there is a nothingness in

that gap. What I feel is blankness… an in-between… a splitting apart… in the cracks

between things. That doesn’t seem like a feeling. It seems like a lack. A place. I am in

that place most of the time… I exist in the cracks between possible selves…

A long-term goal of psychoanalytic treatment with patients who suffer

mortification is its transformation into shame, which includes the capacity to

tolerate it and to use it as a signal. This long process entails working through both

the early mortifying traumas as well as the unstable defenses related to them.

Without such transformation, the individual is left with two unstable narcissistic


self-damning, deflated states designed to appease and hold on to self objects,

narcissistic conceit, designed to project the defective self-experiences onto self-objects.

Both defensive styles require continued dependence on self objects

and must be mounted again and again.

Tolerating bearable shame can make self-appraisal

and self-tolerance possible, ultimately leading to

psychic separation and self-reliance.

can you feel the pain?


“I am he; I have felt it. I know now my own image …

I am he, I burn with love of my own self

… he dimmed the pool with tears, and the image

became obscured by the stirring water …

until it departed.


(cited in Orlowsky and Orlowsky, 1992, p. 74)

Narcissus’ life ends prematurely;

he is an adolescent unable to grow old.

What did he recognize in his reflection?

Perhaps his desire and the experience of ultimately

never being able to attain the love of the other,

while depending on it for his existence.

Narcissus thus recognizes himself

as a separate, extremely lonely and

isolated, dependent and needy being:

a fatal conclusion for a narcissist.

Narcissus’ tragedy consists of being unable to live as a human being and, respectively, with the awareness

of his own ageing and dying, since he is

incapable of being in a relationship.

The narcissistic defensive position is characterized by an addictive yearning

for an experiential quality where feelings of helplessness and despair,

induced by separation or mortification, are to be revoked.

Omnipotent fantasies, actions and reactions are intended

to allow control over an out-of-control situation.

To the gods alone old age and death never come,

but everything else sinks into the chaos of time

which overpowers all.

Earth’s strength decays, and so too the strength of the body.

Sunday, 28 August 2011



man can


the north

has had



a hostile climate

is relentless

a friendly human

is not



is, at best,



those with

good fortune


the rest

not so lucky


the white well


educated male

is least represented

in the first world



in the echelons

of the wealthy

he is legion


monopoly capitalism

52 of the worlds

largest economies

are companies


boards members


you never

had a chance



Saturday, 27 August 2011


The wise man says: 

'Hell has been veiled with desires

and paradise has been veiled with hardships.'

The ruler no longer says:

“You must think as I do or die”.

Now he says:

“You are free not to think as I do;

your life, your property,

everything shall remain yours,

but from this day on

you are

a stranger

among us.”


The consumer is directed towards their desires

which are shaped and formed by the collective as such.

In films it is more strictly forbidden for an illegitimate relationship to be admitted without the parties being punished than for a millionaire’s future son-in-law to be active in the labour movement.


Canadian pianist 

Glen Gould of the Goldberg variation fame

is described as technically proficient

but alas not very deep…can we say lacking soul

succumbing to his individual neuroses and vanity 

he put his art above all…that hallowed place of

                       art for arts sake.

It was not in service of a political or social cause

even this attempt is greater than the cookie cutter


advertise the artistic expressions of industrial culture

gray, drab, depressing with out the flourish of work

you have entered the matrix

nothing that is a part can oppose…

she’s a  beauty…

absorbing the technical proficiency of man

in the service of self destruction…

or perhaps it is merely

a failure of the human spirit as Robert Fisk commentates

and we are only talking in technicalities.  


a fundamental rule…

you lose and are not free…

you are bound by social and just laws

as in never, always…normal.

You have been





manipulated and

finally exploited

as dreams become

abstract and pervasive.

On a personal note:

Getting video camera cleaned

and tuned up for trip to egypt.

where i volunteer the head guy says

“We got to sell some books,”

pointing to boxes of international organizing

which use to be about labor union…

the three prong plan


1.lend them(poor people in poor countries) money known fondly as microfinance

2.let them(poor people in poor countries) work cheaply                                     and send a little money home benignly called remittances

3. those who have been living of the land give them title


identify poor people as owners

to support the system they oppose.

these are the “hot, trending” topics

in the international development



…here before and will be after…

possession is theft as the LV brothers remind


rulers of nature by

sheer hubris and reason…

we can only imagine…

a fish in water

creators of rules and laws

abide strenuously…



by “identifying” 

as the right 

the “other”

is dispensable  


now in rich suburbs in the first world

we address more serious problems…


the matrix is massive and self encompassing

with the many no choices of consumerism…


Adorno’s negative dialect

which was merely in answer

to Hegels positive one,


i’ll explain:

The dialect

thesis…antithesis…and then synthesis

which in Hegels view was transcendant and inclusive

Ardornoes view maybe not so optimistic.

Hegel believed we would evolve?solve

the grinding wheel of oppression

spun innocuously


alcohol problem

drink while you think 


I use to watch this woman use 

and complain about the crack

not in terms of quality

but in terms of effect.


It offered a glimpse

into her tortured existence

The system perpetuates the system…

i believe she quit.


the leaders of our society

are statisticians and actuaries

ok the power brokers


we are strangers  


whatever humanity we had left

we exploded into the hedonistic sixties

and an orgies of rights…

this non beginning 

has ended in a liberated peoplehood 

and a selfish unthinking disaster…


war on Iraq…

the enforced starvation of children

then full on war fare…

violence at very young ages…

in bourgeoisie society

the traumas are dissimilar

to a fathers leg blown off

and you back full of shrapnel…

or maybe just cluster

bomblets in your ankles…

without support

as US soldiers appear

and fire rains 

in the haze.


The authoritarian figure 

where we perhaps

demand our parents’ love

we were only children…


treat us with the love and respect

we deserved say the disadvantaged

or so the privileged believe 


uniqueness and specialness

which by definition

sorry we can not all have

unique means not the same…

special means in a rare way…

not the subtlety and nuance

of one sided conformity

my my my                 

Friday, 26 August 2011


According to Horkheimer and Adorno, the source of today's disaster is a pattern of blind domination, domination in a triple sense: the domination of nature by human beings, the domination of nature within human beings, and, in both of these forms of domination, the domination of some human beings by others. What motivates such triple domination is an irrational fear of the unknown:

"Humans believe themselves free of fear when there is no longer anything unknown. This has determined the path of demythologization … . Enlightenment is mythical fear radicalized"

In an unfree society whose culture pursues so-called progress no matter what the cost, that which is "other," whether human or nonhuman, gets shoved aside, exploited, or destroyed.

The means of destruction may be more sophisticated in the modern West, and the exploitation may be less direct than outright slavery, but blind, fear-driven domination continues, with ever greater global consequences.

The all-consuming engine driving this process is an ever-expanding capitalist economy, fed by scientific research and the latest technologies.

What a critical social theory really needs to address is why hunger, poverty, and other forms of human suffering persist despite the technological and scientific potential to mitigate them or to eliminate them altogether. The root cause, Adorno says, lies in how capitalist relations of production have come to dominate society as a whole, leading to extreme, albeit often invisible, concentrations of wealth and power (ND 189-92).

Society has come to be organized around the production of exchange values for the sake of producing exchange values, which, of course, always already requires a silent appropriation of surplus value. Adorno refers to this nexus of production and power as the "principle of exchange" (Tauschprinzip). A society where this nexus prevails is an "exchange society" (Tauschgesellschaft).

Arguably, the idea of "truth content" (Wahrheitsgehalt) is the pivotal center around which all the concentric circles of Adorno's aesthetics turn (Zuidervaart 1991; Wellmer 1991, 1-35 ; Jarvis 1998, 90-123). To gain access to this center one must temporarily suspend standard theories about the nature of truth (whether as correspondence, coherence, or pragmatic success) and allow for artistic truth to be dialectical, disclosive, and nonpropositional.

According to Adorno, each artwork has its own import (Gehalt) by virtue of an internal dialectic between content (Inhalt) and form (Form). This import invites critical judgments about its truth or falsity. To do justice to the artwork and its import, such critical judgments need to grasp both the artwork's complex internal dynamics and the dynamics of the sociohistorical totality to which the artwork belongs. The artwork has an internal truth content to the extent that the artwork's import can be found internally and externally either true or false. Such truth content is not a metaphysical idea or essence hovering outside the artwork. But neither is it a merely human construct. It is historical but not arbitrary; nonpropositional, yet calling for propositional claims to be made about it; utopian in its reach, yet firmly tied to specific societal conditions. Truth content is the way in which an artwork simultaneously challenges the way things are and suggests how things could be better, but leaves things practically unchanged:

"Art has truth as the semblance of the illusionless" (AT 132).

But thinking in contradictions is also forced upon philosophy by society itself. Society is riven with fundamental antagonisms, which, in accordance with the exchange principle, get covered up by identitarian thought. The only way to expose these antagonisms, and thereby to point toward their possible resolution, is to think against thought—in other words, to think in contradictions.

It has a fragile, transformative horizon, namely, a society that would no longer be riven with fundamental antagonisms, thinking that would be rid of the compulsion to dominate through conceptual identification, and the flourishing of particular objects in their particularity. Because Adorno is convinced that contemporary society has the resources to alleviate the suffering it nevertheless perpetuates, his negative dialectics has a utopian reach: "In view of the concrete possibility of utopia, dialectics is the ontology of the false condition. A right condition would be freed from dialectics, no more system than contradiction" (ND 11). Such a "right condition" would be one of reconciliation between humans and nature, including the nature within human beings, and among human beings themselves.

The priority of import also informs Adorno's stance on art and politics, which derives from debates with Luk√°cs, Benjamin, and Bertolt Brecht in the 1930s (Lunn 1982; Zuidervaart 1991, 28-43). Because of the shift in capitalism's structure, and because of Adorno's own complex emphasis on (modern) art's autonomy, he doubts both the effectiveness and the legitimacy of tendentious, agitative, or deliberately consciousness-raising art. Yet he does see politically engaged art as a partial corrective to the bankrupt aestheticism of much mainstream art. Under the conditions of late capitalism, the best art, and politically the most effective, so thoroughly works out its own internal contradictions that the hidden contradictions in society can no longer be ignored. The plays of Samuel Beckett, to whom Adorno had intended to dedicate Aesthetic Theory, are emblematic in that regard. Adorno finds them more true than many other artworks.

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Indelible in resistance to the fungible world of exchange is the resistance of the eye that does not want the world's colors to vanish. In semblance nonsemblance is promised"

From Criminal to Corporate


A poor person enters the Starbucks and a local

cop asks do you have enough money to be here.


I buy a proposed copper mine stock in Florence Arizona.                                The other business i know of in that town, is the prison…                                it there is about 5000 people the town…

with some gated communities beside the jails

and people i have spoken to--- say it is safe.

I believe now the jails are incredibly secure.

The proposed area for mining is half in the town and half in properly zoned land. So before the mine can go ahead they need approval from the city…the governor, back a while, agreed this sounded like a good plan

as it would create jobs which are sorely lacking in Arizona…

but then the owner of the phoenix suns bought apiece of adjacent land 4500 acres for residential development and is saying the mine might contaminate future drinking water…(that’s the spin…really he just wants to make money)

which is just might…

the Curis boys say the water to extract the copper is no stronger than lemon juice mixed with water but i kind of doubt that…the Hunter/Dickenson boys are taking advantage of a sluggish economy and trying to push the mine through though with Carver against them it will be an uphill battle…the only thing in that stock is the proposal to build the mine and if that gets shut down then the stock is worth nothing and going through a million a month…either way someone made money. I bet B. Cookie.  I sold my position and am now positioning myself to take advantage, exploit the next energy boom…


or so said,

wind, sun,

geo, tidal,

smart grids etc…

nothing changes

refueling the matrix. 


refinance the matrix…

as we merge with technology

the arts are getting worse

poetry is non existent

Jan Arden for product placement

Mobey did marketing classes

lady gaga is not a person



that sounds benign on the surface of things

Tuesday, 23 August 2011

A Poem BY rumi and one by me


Times Life slides from the sheath as a fish from where it swims
Being closer and closer is the desire of the body
Don't wish for union, There is a closeness beyond that
Why would God want a second God ,
Fall in love is such a way
That it frees you from any connecting
Love is the soul's light, the taste of morning, no me, no we, no claim of being,

These words are smoke the fire gives off as it absolves it's defects
As eyes in silence, tears, face , love cannot be said"


Fame and Fashion


We are constantly consuming ourselves and eventually the host will die

the post modern Marxist do declare and the intellect creates a compelling argument

“you think too  much” yell the capitalists and new agers almost in tune

a society built on consumption at unsustainable levels is creating problems

for which it has no solution but progress…regardless…the thing that got them into the problem will get us out…that is the bet…and some post modernist believe pretty well any imagined reason for being is not a universal but a construct 

heroin addicts and runway models and magazine covers

the thin broken woman,

otherworldly and closer to darkness than to light…

metaphoric for the defeat of the feminine…do yo love that word?…

metaphoric, addicted, starving, ghostly

underground cave

massage and video games

we need more big amazons

touring the planet


heading back to the ACORN office to work on community organizing which seems like a lost cause…but fuck what else am i going to do…start a corporation…hell yeah!

working on the remittance campaign which jack layton would have loved

we’ll call it the jack layton law and have immigrants who are exploited here in the labor marke

t only be exploited 5% when they send their money back instead of the usual ten to twenty.

That is companies that transfer money for poor people are charging them up to 20% and we and the world bank are say that should be lowered to five. They say competition should be used but it looks like western union has a monopoly and monopoly capitalism only looks like capitalism really the corporations want to be the only choice…

we are not subject of taste


but of world markets…globalizations…its what the corporations want you to buy…and the choices get narrower and narrower…

costco in las vegas is the same as a costco in richmond or edmonton. 

after i get the remittance problem solved

i’m heading to egypt to see if i can help there

i’m there for a month and plan on making another movie

to follow up on the hit “it’s all about the violence” starring linda packsi

but my video camera constantly says connect to another power source even when i plug it in it fell apart and i kind of got use to it…maybe i can get it fixed.  

Just Being Irrelevant (read at you own risk):

i am looking for a small rip to explode the matrix..

the arts are in such disrepair that fame and the military

by definition are unartistic


in the sense they are 100% a construct...

the post modernists rant ..


they hate fame and fashion as they believe these are mindless tools

used to sell product to people who don't need them...

they are marxists in the sense that there way of thinking

is historical in a meta narrative sort of way and

the narrative is things are always going to the good even when there is some bad

but mostly to the good and we are in late stage capitalism

and new systems will emerge whether we want it or not...

we have to redefine comfort if seven billion are going to be equal.

We should not be imagining a perfect image to which we cannot reach.

By definiton fame is only for the few and in a sense a continuation of religion,

a mindless believing in something greater than ourselves

but fame and fashion is ourselves..the post modernists grimly instruct..

More Capitalism Rant

We are consuming ourselves and eventually the host will die...

or at least in nature this happens...

capitalism is about being a leech, living of, controlling others

which is humanities highest calling...argues ann rand

My guess

the only hope is exploiting technology...

and technology is for the young, it changes very quickly

and the gap is huge today between the people who were wired at birth

and those who were not...of whom i am one

we are in incredible times...

this is a turning point,

every one wants to save the world

Monday, 22 August 2011

Stop reading here.

August 22/2011

“I spend the morning looking at the stock market and investing in a solar company which in terms of congruence is more in line with my principles and beliefs”


I spend a week with an old woman, who is still optimistic…after living through most of the last century.


Tolerating bearable shame can make self-appraisal and self-tolerance possible, ultimately leading to psychic separation and self-reliance.


Monday, 15 August 2011

Enter a Post

As a blogger i was struck by the immense magnitude of my unimportance

yet the culture tells me i am very important, that the realizations of my hopes and dreams in a Hegelian sense is unimportant or have they merely been commoditized and what is so bad about a communization…

to put a price on my dreams

as in do what you love and the money will follow…

only concludes with if lots of people buy (by definition) what your selling

so more accurately advertise

be a sales person and the money will follow 

everything will be marked to the middle

and something outside is only thus in this cultures terms…

when i speak to my just off skid row friends

i am always struck by how interesting they find themselves…

another drunk i know constantly comments on how funny he is…

we are all believing in Shakespeare and the audience 


i am obsessed with my neuroses,

surely i do not what to let it go…


i want what is safe and secure unlike the real world where we can meet again

in that darker world full of light because the flattening of the sun

has encouraged me to a health without risk…

a death with out honor

deeper respect for life

or a deeper respect/narcissism for me…

the bourgeoisie

in a personal growth and development camp

while the world burns…

the old lady

running the course knows about psychic splits

having suffered one in the first world war

when she was very young and i am also curious

about this feeling of dissolution 

my black outs and time disappears

triggered by some chemical imbalance that opens a door

i remember almost nothing about,

more and more often…

you deserve a black out today…

this place is an old school trying to be cool

place run by two men who have since retired.

Ben is gay and Jock is straight or at least

gets sexual satisfaction from women

in that typical narcissistic fashion he writes.

They love each other, live together

and besides the sex get along well.

Oh well

i got to get use to talking with these people as the people i will be going to Egypt with are these types of people…

their whole conversation is underlined within a premise as in we don’t want to solve the problem, we want to talk about it, glamorize it, finacialize it    

do-gooders, idea shapers

what is best for the many

is best for the few

capitalism up side down

what is good for me

is good for the many

consumerism straight up       

I ain’t no chairman Mao

libertarians are literal thinkers.


as one of the mind

and no longer

the soul


Saturday, 13 August 2011


but are the powers that be,

worried about the predatory banking fees

charged to the poor?

                 I know.


Basic Exploitation.

The president of western union made 8.2 million dollars

running a company that caters/preys on the poor


Why is five percent fair?


The word remittance company

or remittance service provider

(rsp) is misleading.


atonement and forgiveness...

but refrain from exacting or inflicting

(a debt or punishment)...

at best the word is


at worse


Again the oppressor is seen in a good light...

end the narrative


imagination like “exploitation”...

another word for financial exploitation would be...?????????????


Canadian banks

are in collusion

by charging high high high fees...

instead lower the cost for people

canada is a good country…


dude you need medication

i know i know

--- On Sat, 8/13/11, Amanda Sullivan <> wrote:

From: Amanda Sullivan <>
Subject: Re: E-intro and more
Received: Saturday, August 13, 2011, 12:43 PM

Hey Gareth, I just wanted to get some clarification on your question. Are you asking how the exchange rates are regulated or how fees to remit funds are determined? Or perhaps something else entirely? I'm not 100% certain on either, but I would assume MTOs have much more control over remittance fees than they do exchange rates. I'll look into it a little bit more with Western Union. Let me know if we're on the same page!



Friday, 12 August 2011


Now what does ACORN stand for, some thing like this

Association of communitiy organizers who are looking for reform…now…

the last letter was just added because no one wanted to believe ACOR sounded good and every knows that an acorn can grow into a mighty oak tree…so the name is to inspire big thinking which reform is not really about…more of a tweaking of the system…and a day to day trudging…the more you look at the world the more you see the man made systems which underlie capitalism.

I am studying remittances world wide as we have the sneaking suspicion that the banks may be preying on the poor but sending money to some places is cheap…here is the world bank campaign and the numbers.

Now their goal is is to have the rate lowered to 5% in the next five years from the current 10% and put another 16 billion dollars into the hands of the people who will actually use the money to survive as opposed to the remittance corporations.

The president of western union made 8.2 million dollars last year…

can you imagine?

Money sent as aid by charities and corporations has a less than 100% chance of being used by the intended recipient as the agencies, the governments, the warlords take their share…but twenty dollars sent from a brother to sister is well used and more effective way to combat poverty.

So limiting the fees to 5% worldwide  is one proposal 

if you have any other ideas please send to

leila search at the world bank.

Her address is on the web page.

Leila Search
Financial and Private Sector Development
Phone: +1 (202) 473-7511

Power to the people.

a world bank MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMmmmmmmmm

Wednesday, 10 August 2011

A Financial Planner who has read Philosophy in German


John Kaiser writes:

When the Tea Party started bellowing about "death panels",                     they had in mind the retiree who dies while waiting for treatment



where we have waiting times 

for non life threatening surgery.

In the US a hospital visit will cost money if you do not have insurance 

and for sure; we use the unimaginable number of 50,000,000,

people will have to pay or at least borrow to pay.

Say a family has 4500 dollars

and the surgery cost 10,000. 

i think they’ll do the surgery

then chase the person while he’s alive.    

if you don’t have good medical insurance

your life is cheap in the eyes of capitalism…

the logic and

why it is dangerous for health care…

to be for profit

poor people do not have money

capitalism likes money

i.e. poor people are not good consumers

it has come to this…

the rich deserve the best treatment like memorably the slave owners…

more logic…

some one must get exploited…

i must make money on the back of some one else

ala Ann Rand

who famously said

if we don’t control them

with money then it will be by violence


doctors should be required to volunteer 

…for their country

it would look good for the profession. 



if you have the knowledge

to save some ones life

do you have a moral obligation 

or is it on a can pay basis? 

that would never happen

in a bar or on the farm

or with a neighbor

a friend or co-worker 

in Canada

thank goodness for Tommy Douglas 

the emphasis is on the quality of care,

regardless of income…

a common humanity,

a subjectivity 

there is no price on human life.  








those who don’t require

emergency surgery

can pay to jump the queue.



in the US while people reshape noses 

a person in a third world, 

second world,

and first world

will be left to die

because of money.

the line between the worlds is getting blurry

in the UK

600,000 people under the age of twenty five

have never worked…they call them neets

and they are rioting…a neglected generation

The rest is a direct quote from the

Bottom Fish Newsletter.  

“It is this full-fledged entitlement expectation which is at the heart of the potential for Medicare expenses to skyrocket as the boomers age, a trend that barring an extraordinary economic boom, tax revenue increases cannot hope to cover. Medicare is the elephant in the room; can its throat be slit without anybody noticing?

It's too late for that, and the Tea Party seems to be stuck with the knife in its hand while the rest of the voters watch.

In a sense Obama was not the only politician to be bloodied by the debt ceiling crisis; the Tea Party has been lured into going beyond vague "big government" complaints or inconsequential cut targets.

Once they show their hand they will be abandoned by mainstream Republicans who will trot out a candidate with a vision that includes revenues and cuts, one capable of beating the Great Disappointment

if he is given a chance to run for a second term.

As the "flash crash" continues to erode the net worth of households, particularly those who were counting on using the extended tax cut to cash in some capital gains, the mood will shift from childish power politics to

old-fashioned pragmatism based on the exceptionalist notion that what's good for everybody is probably even better for me”.

Bottom-Fish Recommendations made from July 24, 2011 to August 6, 2011

BE Resources Inc (BER-V)

Rare Element Resources Ltd (RES-T)
Good Relative Spec Value Buy

Special Interest Comment - July 25, 2011: BE confirms reported results were too good to be true

On Monday July 25 BE Resources was halted prior to the market open "pending clarification" of the Friday July 22 rare earth assay results from drilling on its Warm Springs project that saw the stock move up $0.67 to close at $0.74. As we cautioned in our comment on BE published over the weekend of July 23-34, several aspects of the news had a problematic ring, and our reservations were in part confirmed in today's update that was published, after the stock remained halted all day, only after the market closed. While the revision did not provide any more detailed explanation for how errors were made other than to acknowledge "mathematical errors that occurred in the process of totalling a large volume of the assay results of 15 individual rare earth elements into total rare earth oxides," the company made some effort to distance themselves from the mistakes by mentioning how "totalled TREO values were calculated by an independent consulting geologist."

In terms of the revised grades themselves, there appears to be no exact relationships with the original grades, except to note that the revised grades were generally lower. Of the nine reported intersections, two low-grade intersections from hole DH3 remained unchanged, at 1.89% and 0.26% TREO. Several others intersections from hole DH3 appear to have had the decimal point off by one position, with revised grades all moving lower in a predicatable manner, from 9.12% to 0.91%, from 19.58% to 1.95%, and 7.80% to 0.78%. Finally four lowered intersections appear to have no discernable relation to the initially reported grades, such as the intercept in DH1 which moved from 8.85% to 0.69%, or DH2, which moved from 10.34% to 1.56%. DH19 also reported two randomly revised intercepts, from 15.04% to 0.97% and 1.2% to 0.09%. While the revisions referred to overall grades, no indication was given as to whether the reported light/heavy breakdowns remain valid as originally published.

So far no indication has been given relative to when the stock will resume trading. When the stock does resume however one can assume that Friday's gains will be an unfortunate memory, particularly for the buyers of the 31 million shares that traded on the venture exchange that day. Our earlier comment on the stock suggested readers exercise caution and to avoid the stock given the numerous uncertainties regarding the nature of the reported intercepts and of the overall project itself. We continue to maintain that counsel, for while the latest news release did revise the grades, no effort was made to address the other issues we noted, such as geological context, publishing a complete drill plan map, or an explanation for why there was no mention of beryllium in the assays from this project that was originally a beryllium project. While it is true that some of the intercepts remain intriguing even in revised form, particularly two from hole DH3 which report, post-revisons, 98 and 32 feet of 1.95% and 1.89% TREO, with 39% and 32% heavies, respectively, we feel there remains enough uncertainty regarding the overall situation of the company that steering clear of this stock even at lower prices remains, for now, the most prudent course. --BD

JK note: IIROC, the Investment Industry Regulatory Organization of Canada, cancelled all 10,663 trades representing volume of 49,324,463 shares through the TSXV and the various parallel trading platforms whose primary purpose seems to be to create aribitrage opportunities for brokers and traders as well as extra minimum commissions by fragmenting an order across multiple platforms, and to restore an uneven playing field for ordinary investors who had grown accustomed to using the market depth of the TSXV order book to assess liquidity conditions. The IIROC news release gave no indication that it is mounting an investigation to explain the news release mistakes, whose corrections had to be corrected again the following day. One imagines, however, that some traders who thought they had made money trading BE and reinvested it elsewhere may very well turn to the courts to seek redress for any losses suffered as a result of this arbitrary decision to cancel profitable trades. They would probably base their case on the argument that the TSX/TSXV and Canadian investment banking establishment have gone out of their way to facilitate the destruction of fundamentals based price discovery in order to accommodate high-frequency trading by both humans and programs, and consequently an arithmetic boo-boo in a news is hardly sufficient reason to cancel trades, much as a $2 trillion boo-boo by S&P was hardly a reason not to proceed with downgrading US debt from AAA to AA+ and expelling the United States from a club of AAA nations dominated by universal healthcare providers.

You may also note that in our BE chart above it shows only 31,253,500 shares trading for July 22. The TSXV trading data most people see does not include any trades not conducted through the TSX/TSXV itself, which results in a false portrait of actual volumes. The availability of these parallel trading platforms also makes it easier for fund managers to arrange trades with their pals tjhat stuff toxic waste into their accounts or shuffle toxic waste elsewhere. Anybody who claims that the existence of parallel order books and execution systems that are not consolidated and visible to everybody with an automatic first come first serve execution priority is anything but bad for market integrity and liquidity is either monstrously stupid or an outright criminal. Furthermore, why the TSXV would allow a direct interface between its order execution system and algorithmic trading programs for a stock exchange specializing in venture capital listings which struggle to get potential speculators to visualize the sought-after outcome of the venture and what it might be worth if achieved, and allow fee-less trading by these technical trading machines which make no effort to borrow paper when shorting on a down-tick, while punishing human investors who have actually thought about the listing's fundamental success potential with comparatively high fees, defies comprehension except perhaps as a demonstration of "penny wise pound foolish".

Rare Element Resources Ltd (RES-T: $9.29)

Rare Element Resources Ltd did not pick a particularly good day on August 4, 2011 to release news that may have major implications for the urgency with which its 100% owned Bear Lodge rare earth project gets developed. But if the turmoil in general markets does escalate during the next week or so, spec value hunters should consider some bargain hunting on the premise that Rare Element has discovered a new zone of heavy rare earth enriched mineralization at Bear Lodge. Rare Element announced results for several RC holes Newmont had drilled on gold targets to the northwest and southwest of the Whitetail Ridge and Bull Hill rare earth zones but never assayed for rare earth elements, which was understandable given that the deal did not entitle Newmont to any rare earth credits (Newmont has since dropped out). The gold story so far has been a low grade dud while the Bull Hill rare earth deposit on which Rare Element is conducting a prefeasibility study is the basis for the junior's valuation. A Rare Element geologist called Allen Andersen noted what appeared to be rare earth mineralization similar to the FMR dykes at Bull Hill, so the junior had the left over chips assayed. The Carbon zone yielded 30 ft of 4.69% TREO and the East Taylor yielded 55 ft of 3.38% TREO and 55 ft of 7.84% TREO within the interval 45-160 ft.

These grades are similar to what Bull Hill has yielded, but have a substantially higher proportion of the heavy rare earths.The chart above shows the distribution of rare earths from Bull Hill if the recovery for the 10,300 tonnes per annum Rare Element hopes to produce is uniform, while the chart below shows how this translates into output tonnage and its value at FOB and domestic spot REO prices as of August 4, 2011.

The percentage of heavy rare earth oxides is only 3.2%, which would generate only 333 tonnes of heavies at the proposed operating rate of 907 tpd, though that is more than the 204 tonnes Molycorp will be able to squeak out of Mountain Pass annually at its full capacity of 2,200 tpd thanks to its 0.5% HREO proportion. What has hurt the market's perception of Rare Element is that it is lower grade than Mountain Pass, and will, like Mountain Pass, produce primarily light rare earths. That has pretty much ruled out Rare Element as an acquisition target for Molycorp, and pretty much by anybody because of the perception that by 2015 the world will be amply supplied by light rare earths. Rare Element has thus been moving quickly to develop Bear Lodge as a standalone project, which has helped attract a very heavy short position that now stands at 8,975,000 shares which is about 19% of the 46.8 million shares fully diluted.

The East Taylor and Carbon zones have the potential to create a massive short squeeze because they are both fairly high grade but have significantly higher percentages of heavy rare earths than the synchisite and parisite dominated Bull Hill zone. Mineralogical work by Tony Mariano indicates that the phosphate monazite may be a significant portion of the overall rare earth mineralization and is the likely host for the heavy rare earths. Synchisite and parisite are members of the bastnaesite family which generally has a very low proportion of heavy rare earths. Mountain Pass is primarily bastnaesite, though monazite zones are present in the vicinity of the main deposit. Molycorp has in the past expressed optimism about finding and developing monazite zones, but the word is that such zones rarely exceed 2% TREO. If Molycorp plans to achieve its 40,000 tpa output of rare earth oxides, it needs to stick to its 7%-9% TREO bastnaesite ore unless it is prepared to go to the regulators to permit a higher mining rate than the 2,200 tpd for which Mountain Pass is already permitted.

Rare Element has reported the two intervals in hole SUN 090 into the East Taylor zone as 110 ft averaging 5.61% TREO, with the upper 55 ft running 3.38% and the lower 55 ft 7.94%. The zone has been described as having a 250 m strike and width of 75 m, and still open toward the east. This hole also ran 1.3 g/t gold. Rare Element provided a breakdown of individual grades for all of the rare earths except the sequence holmium-erbium-thulium-ytterbium-lutetium. The company's reasons for excluding these included that they are insignificant relative to the rest and generally lack meaningful markets, though this is not the case for erbium. But when I added up the individual reported grades for the East Taylor hole I was stunned to see the grade was only 5.225% TREO compared to the 5.61% TREO reported by the company. That left 0.385% attributable to the excluded heavies, which was substantially higher than the zero left out of the 3.77% TREO grade for the Bull Hill indicated resource of 4,450,000 tonnes, the 0.02% excluded from the inferred Whitetail Ridge resource of 1.5 million tonnes of 3.24% TREO, or the 0.04% excluded from the 30 ft interval of 4.69% TREO at Carbon.

The 5.225% East Taylor interval has 12.75% heavy rare earths, jumping to 18.7% when we add in the missing 0.385% heavies bringing the total grade to 5.61% TREO. The basket prices for the 5.225% rock using Metal-Pages prices as of August 4, 2011 were $321/kg for FOB spot, $151/kg for domestic spot, $56/kg for 3 year FOB average, and $28/kg at 3 year domestic average. In rock value terms on a 100% recoverable basis this works out to $17,773/t at FOB spot, $7,893/t at domestic spot, $2,929/t at 3 year FOB and $1,444/t at 3 year domestic prices. The Carbon interval of 4.65% TREO has 10.65% heavies, jumping to 11.41% if we include the heavies for which individual grades are missing, bringing the grade to 4.69% TREO. The Whitetail Ridge inferred resource of 3.22% has 8.68% heavies, jumping to 9.25% heavies if we add in the 0.02% represented by the missing individual grades. The rock value of the Whitetail Ridge resource is $10,196/t at FOB spot and $4,811/t at domestic spot.

Conclusion: There is clearly a mineralogical shift happening in the rare earth zones toward the west of the Bull Hill zone on which prior work has focused and on which metallurgical work is underway, and this shift points to higher heavy rare earth content without a sacrifice of grade as happens at Mountain Pass. Rare Element is conducting core drilling at East Taylor which will include a twin hole to confirm the RC hole results. The company has yet to provide us with an assay interval spreadsheet which will allow us to determine the continuity and consistency of both TREO grade and HREO proportion. As the news release is now presented it suggests a continuous zone of heavy rare earth enriched mineralization, but we need to confirm this as has been done at Quest's BZone, Commerce's Eldor and Geomega's Montviel projects where management did provide the spreadsheets. We also do not know the true width of the zone even though management says the zone is 75 metres wide. The company believes it will have assay results by the end of September. If Rare Element confirms that it has a tonnage footprint of 5-10 million tonnes running 3%-6% TREO and 10%-20% heavy rare earths, the project will become of immediate interest to Molycorp, Neo Material, and end users seeking a full spectrum supply of rare earths in a secure jurisdiction. This could throw a serious wrench into the hopes of the shorts that a washout created by volatility in general markets will provide a profitable covering window. Their efforts to cover could collide with the arrival of a new audience attracted by the possibility that Rare Element has gone from a standalone supply contender to a buyout candidate. We still need drill results to confirm this story, but Whitetail Ridge is already partly there, and both East Taylor and Carbon have the footprint to take the story the rest of the way. Does this have negative implications for lower grade projects with high heavy percentages such as Quest's Strange Lake project? I do not think it has negative implications for full spectrum projects such as Strange Lake which have large, open pittable, medium grade deposits in supportive and secure jurisdictions such as Quebec which will be of interest to end-users seeking a major long term supply solution, but it does have negative implications for low grade, small tonnage underground operations with complex mineralogy located in jurisdictions where receiving permission to conduct helicopter supported exploration generates a news release declaring that such event shaved one or more years from the development timeline. Rare Element has traded as high as $17.85 since our bottom-fish buy recommendation at $0.30-$0.49 on December 24, 2008, and initial good relative spec value buy at $2.98 on May 12, 2010. Rare earth mania has reached a stage where only a dozen or so contenders merit serious attention and Rare Element is one of them. The overall market situation is very uncertain in the wake of the debt ceiling fiasco, but the large short position on a company that has genuine fundamentals that are improving substantially will mute the downside pressure from panic selling. Spec Value Hunters should look at Rare Element as a trading opportunity between now and further confirmation that the story has shifted into a heavy rare earth gear.


Rhyolite Resources Ltd (RYE-V)

New BF LP Buy $0.10-$0.19

NMC Resource Corp (NRC-V)

New BF MP Buy $1.01-$1.25

Pacific Iron Ore Corp (POC-V)

New BF LP Buy $0.30-$0.49

Argus Metals Corp (AML-V)

New BF MP Buy $0.10-$0.19

Lion One Metals Ltd (LIO-V)

New BF LP Buy $0.30-$0.49

Olivut Resources Ltd (OLV-V)

New BF Spec Cycle Hold 100%

Top 10 Bottom-Fish Price Losers


Avalon Rare Metals Inc (AVL-T)
Good Absolute Spec Value Buy

Rare Element Resources Ltd (RES-T)
Good Relative Spec Value Buy

Quest Rare Minerals Ltd (QRM-V)
Good Relative Spec Value Buy

Verde Potash PLC (NPK-V)
Good Absolute Spec Value Buy

Sabina Gold & Silver Corp (SBB-T)

BF TP Buy $0.30-$0.49

Strategic Metals Ltd (SMD-V)

BF MP Buy $0.10-$0.19

Nevsun Resources Ltd (NSU-T)

BF Spec Cycle Hold 100%

Almaden Minerals Ltd (AMM-T)

New BF Spec Cycle Hold 100%

Uranerz Energy Corp (URZ-T)

BF MP Buy $0.50-$0.75

Champion Minerals Inc (CHM-T)

BF MP Buy $0.30-$0.49

Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Narcissistic Mortification

(from Wikpedia)

(Structurally…this is a fit)

Though the cause for basic narcissism

is unknown these are some possible causes:

  • An oversensitive temperament at birth 
  • Being praised for perceived exceptional looks or abilities by adults
  • Excessive admiration that is never balanced with realistic feedback
  • Excessive praise for good behaviors or excessive criticism for poor behaviors in childhood
  • Overindulgence and overvaluation by parents
  • Severe emotional abuse in childhood
  • Unpredictable or unreliable care giving from parents
  • Valued by parents as a means to regulate their own self-esteem
  • Some psychotherapists believe that the etiology(possible cause)  of the disorder is, in Freudian terms, the result of early childhood trauma which causes fixation in early, early childhood.


    If a child does not receive sufficient recognition for their talents during about ages 3–7 they will never mature and continue to be in the narcissistic early development stage and want constantly to be seen for their specialness. 

    pathologically narcissistic people are




    intolerant of others’ views,

    unaware of others' needs


    of the effects of their behavior on others,


    insistent that others see them

    as they wish to be seen

    (sounds lovely)


    Although individuals with NPD

    are often ambitious and capable,

    the inability to tolerate setbacks,

    disagreements or criticism,

    along with lack of empathy,

    make it difficult for such individuals to work cooperatively

    (i.e. have a hard time sharing) 

    or attaining  long-term professional achievements.

    With narcissistic personality disorder, the individual's self-perceived fantastic grandiosity, often coupled with a hypo-manic mood (which i am close to) , is typically not commensurate with his or her real accomplishments.

    A strange beautiful split from reality,

    the truth has been undone and the

    fantasy supersedes the spectacle

    Psychiatrist Glen Gabbard suggested NPD could be broken down into two subtypes.

    He saw the "oblivious" subtype as being

    1.grandiose, arrogant, and thick-skinned 

    2. hypervigilant subtype as being easily hurt, oversensitive, and ashamed.

    In his view, the oblivious subtype presents for admiration, envy, and appreciation a powerful, grandiose self that is the antithesis of a weak internalized self,

    which hides in shame,

    while the hypervigilant subtype neutralizes devaluation

    by seeing others as unjust abusers.

    Dr. Jeffrey Young, who coined the term "Schema Therapy", a technique originally developed by psychiatrist Aaron T. Beck (1979), also links NPD and shame.

    He sees the so-called Defectiveness Schema as a core schema of NPD, along with the Emotional Deprivation and Entitlement Schemas.

    A pervasive pattern of grandiosity (in fantasy or behavior), need for admiration, and lack of empathy, beginning by early adulthood and present in a variety of contexts, as indicated by five (or more) of the following:

    1. Has a grandiose sense of self-importance (e.g., exaggerates achievements and talents, expects to be recognized as superior without commensurate achievements)
    2. Is preoccupied with fantasies of unlimited success, power, brilliance, beauty, or ideal love
    3. Believes that he or she is "special" and unique and can only be understood by, or should associate with, other special or high-status people (or institutions)
    4. Requires excessive admiration
    5. Has a sense of entitlement, i.e., unreasonable expectations of especially favorable treatment or automatic compliance with his or her expectations
    6. Is interpersonally exploitative, i.e., takes advantage of others to achieve his or her own ends
    7. Lacks empathy: is unwilling to recognize or identify with the feelings and needs of others
    8. Is often envious of others or believes others are envious of him or her
    9. Shows arrogant, haughty behaviors or attitudes

    Jungians have explored how

    'the narcissistic longings of mothers (or fathers) to amass reflected glory through their children'

    can result in a situation where

    'in place of autonomy, the adult...would come to obey an internal source that the psychoanalyst Neville Symington calls the "discordant source"'.

    Symington contrasted

    'two poles: one in which I am the source of my own action, where I have a creative capacity that comes from my own source of action,

    and the other in which an inner figure opposed to myself is the source of action.

    He termed the twin 'sources of action the "autonomous source" and the "discordant source"', and acknowledged that 'although the formulation is different, it is along the lines of what Winnicott talks about -

    the true self and the false self.


    The Gamble

    a simple tonic

    monkey monkey

    double down  



    I am not negated

    “the right bet at the wrong time”

                blame god…parents




    It is helpful to think of “withdrawal”

    as a condition in which the person concerned

    (child or adult)

    holds a repressed part of themselves

    and nurses it at the expense of external relations.


    August 9th 2011

    To understand the world through the ego the super ego and the id is much more imaginative than trying to find parts of the brain that are responsible for various behavior and the developing various chemicals  which will counteract said experience.

    That is reducing behavior to a material process.

    To completely disregard the unconscious which again is quite different than magical thinking.

    Are we all shaped by instinct and drive…human/family ties that bind.

    Is society pathological and patriarchal?

    It seems so if the environmentalists and socialists and honest reporters are to be believed…the origins of human violence…the death wish 

    The structure of our thinking determines the reality of how we organize ourselves economically and politically…authoritarian leaders and   corporate power…when we speak of revolution the very structure that hold us together (white males) is exposed and the responses are full of anger and righteousness. We are diving into the depths of the laws that sustain us through these difficult times of being alive which have always been difficult.       

    smoking an oral fixation

    weed and alcohol 

    a muscle relaxant

    both a freedom from

    the critical waging war.

    absconded self 

    pray harder!

    love more!                

    Monday, 8 August 2011

    Another Black Monday


    a rating agency informs the financial world

    the government of the USA

    is no longer a good bet…



    has all the money 


    of the people,

    by the people,

    for the people

    are in debt…


    “the invisible hand hand of the market”

    they say            moves it all along 

    I say (invisible is non existent/metaphysical) 


    52   of the top hundred economies

              are corporations.


    Trip to Egypt moving along

    though now i’m hearing

    “the revolution” never happened

    from the European crew


    “nothing happens all the time”   janis joplin


    I am cynical of the media,

    the narrative, education

    culture, liberalism,

    and post modernism

    again i crave nature

    against alienation and

    an apparent death wish…


    you’re so entwined

    in the machine

    you don’t even know

    you’re tied up     

    Saturday, 6 August 2011

    Recommended Reading


  • Gaza: Stay Human

  • Vittorio Arrigoni

  • Holy Grail, Holy Grail: Quest East, Quest West

  • Gary Corseri

  • In and Out of Crisis: The Global Financial Meltdown and Left Alternatives

  • Greg Albo, Sam Gindin, and Leo Panitch

  • Israeli Exceptionalism: The Destabilizing Logic of Zionism

  • M. Shahid Alam

  • It's Never Been Easy: Essays on Modern Labor

  • David Macaray

  • Midnight on the Mavi Marmara: The Attack on the Gaza Freedom Flotilla and How It Changed the Course of the Israeli/Palestine Conflict

  • Moustafa Bayoumi (Ed.)

  • Rainbow Pie: A Redneck Memoir

  • Joe Bageant

  • Stop Signs: Cars and Capitalism on the Road to Economic, Social and Ecological Decay

  • Yves Engler and Bianca Mugyenyi

  • The Global Economic Crisis: The Great Depression of XXI Century

  • M. Chossudovsky and A.G. Marshall

  • The Raw Milk Revolution: Behind America's Emerging Battle Over Food Rights David E. Gumpert

  • The Warmth of Other Suns: The Epic Story of America's Great Migration

  • Isabel Wilkerson

  • Tripping Through the American Night Ron Jacobs

  • The Great War for Civilization by Robert Fisk

    This book is by a reporter who has spent the last thirty years in middle east.

    The author, Robert Fisk, is inspired to his profession by a movie, directed by Alfred Hitchcock, called a “Foreign Correspondent.”

    In the movie the reporter played by Joel McCrea  witnesses an assignation, chases spies, wins the lady and scoops the world. Fisk first saw this movie when he was twelve.

    Now he writes  even the term ‘war correspondent’

    “smells a bit, reeks of false romanticism; it has too much of the whiff of Victorian reporters who would view the battles from hilltops in the company of ladies, immune to suffering, only occasionally glancing towards the distant pop-pop of canon fire.”

    He also writes of cringing any time some one psycho babbles about ‘trauma.’

    He rightly points out, very few of the people who were actually victimized by the war will receive therapy.

    How can any one “come to terms” with the depths of human depravity and the insanity of mass murder?

    The idea of taking someone else's life is abhorrent and and war, is a failure,  as Fisk comments, of the human spirit.

    Wednesday, 3 August 2011


    “Few men think; yet all will have opinions.” Berkeley


    I suppose for meaningful change to occur                                                         the intelligentsia of the left will be required                                                            to do more than just write and read books.



    in the downtown library                                                                               

    the chinese students                                                                                             study english

    the heroin students                                                                                      study addiction

    I know nothing of                                                                                                  the opium wars

    very little

    of Afghanistan

    Las Vegas

    the waitress from Malaysia brags                                                                   she had servants while growing up.

    The fat American salesman                                                                                  to my right, motions for water.



    A Joke:


    What do you get when you                                                                                cross a pit-bull with a poodle?


    A vicious gossip.



    I believe most liberal democrats know this…

    the corporations or better said

    the people behind the corporations

    support the liberal democrats in power,

    and so far 

    700 billion to the rich 

    or big business or investment banks.


    The money goes some where’s


    then cut payments to the poor

    and say you’re a socialist president


    rest to that claim 

    you are a capitalist


    the economy

    a 700 billion bailout

    and 1.4 trillion dollar war…

    cuts to welfare,

    medical and education

    forget the arts


    the sad part

    between two

    bought presidents…

    a good resume

    and a family record…



    wealthy continue

    to receive government


    by the way of


    charitable donations

    and tax cuts




    for the left


    one billion

    raised for re-election

    (700b BAILOUT)



    c’mon dawg

    for the people

    WE’RE GOING global


    propagandas convince

    ethic is enticing

    quit your job

    cheapen life

    bad books

    poor promises…



    *I like my girlfriend more

    even though she breaks

    the leg of a budgie



    murder of millions

    through foreign policy

    (we know nothing)

    the government

    of the word

    and social media


    the propaganda

    is incessant

    you have no idea.

    yes yes

    spoils to the victors.



    over a billion.

    Tuesday, 2 August 2011

    Reading Downtown

    Two quotes from Shakespeare from two different books.


    1.                          “We are such stuff                                                                     As dreams are made on, and our little life                                                            is rounded with a sleep.

    The Tempest Act 4 Sc. 1.

    From the “World as Will and Representation” by Arthur Schopenhauer as translated by E. F. J. Payne  (page 17)


    2. And be these juggling fiends no more believ’d,                                             That palter with us in a double sense;                                                               That keep the word of promise to our ear,                                                        And break it to our hope.

    Macbeth Act 5 viii 19-22

    From “The Great War for Civilization The Conquest of the Middle East” by Robert Fisk (page 437)


    A quote from Jean Jacques Rousseau

    “Quit thy childhood, my friend and wake up.”


    Schopenhauer's book begins with “that which knows all things and is known by none is the subject”. That is the first person can perceive, while all the while being imperceptible.

    I cannot see the you that sees. I can only see the you i see. That is your outside representation and my interpretation of said appearance.

    I have no way of seeing your thoughts, or your feelings or your body sensations from your first person perspective 

    At best i can only make assumptions about a particular gesture, a slip of tongue or tone of voice or you can describe your inner world to me but again it is impossible for me to insert myself into your perceiving self. 

    It is a strange situation.                                                                               Everybody sees                                                                                                  but no one can see                                                                                            how the other person

    is seeing.

    No one can experience the first person of another person                                and if we could we would be unable to inflict                                                          as much harm on others as we do now.

    (I hypothesize)

    The dualism of perceived and perceiver

    is over come through theological means

    and a belief in a reality devoid of time…

    some sort of unified divineness


    meditation helps with circulation

    prayer will warm your feet.       

    Monday, 1 August 2011

    to jesus

    That sounds great.

    I enjoyed your postcards (every where in (chain(s)tores) and was wondering about you the other day.

    Glad to hear you are enjoying your trip and that you will be back at Xmas.

    I am off to Egypt with some labour organizers at the end of September and will be in the middle east for a month or so..

    i've heard so much about Palestine i can hardly wait to go.

    If you like i’ll visit Jerusalem and bring back some pictures.  

    peace out



    p.s. sounds like Obama is giving away more to the rich 

    the sad part is the poor will miss the money…you should talk to him

    a question poem

    Anarchy-without rule

    Sorry jesus

    but the needle is stuck:

    Egypt is in transition…  

    …to your knowledge will

    labour and Muslim hood

    be compatible? 

    peace out again




    limited as the USA

    Still wealth is spread...

    people share


    a strange balance: 

    pointing guns at one another…


                       spiritual beings armed deterrents…


    a failure of humanity.  


    "The Great War for Civilization

    The Conquest of the Middle East."

    The writer is Robert Fisk. (1400 pages)


    atrocities reserved only for mankind 

    the turks murdered 1.5 million Armenians in 1915.

    I never learned that in school

    nor can i imagine someone being shot in the head

    so i'm sure this trip will be an eye openner.


    Labour unions 

    anti-exploitation and capitalism

    rewards those who leverage "other."...

    I'll distribute a few copies of

    poems for the shaw

    a book produced on the subject

    in the old country


    Still reading and writing in the mornings


    June is well and considering

    the second half of her life.

    We are both in middle age…


    do something with your humanities degree,

    like an art or a science or teaching

    \or working with the people.


    take care and enjoy


    i'll be in Amsterdam on the 21st of September…


    ticket bought yesterday and a few nights ago i wet the bed…

    today i have move out as june has had enough

    of my bedwetting, drinking and disrespectful behavior

    i want my Mommmmy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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