Thursday, 6 September 2012

Hi Everyone, Since you are all readers of my meanderings … my new project is called: Observations (and notes) of and from A Broken Life in a Monetized Atomized World I’m going to start from the premise that children go through stages of development (probably using Erikson’s stages of life cus they ask simple questions. For example: The theory goes from the age of zero to two a child determines: Is the world safe or hostile… This message is imparted from the infants primarily caregiver usually the mother but it doesn’t seem to matter that much who… but someone has to give the child a sense of safety … so if attention, care and warmth are consistent the infant will develop a trusting persona if not the adult may see the world as dangerous and hostile. Scientist notice people indentify neutral faces as hostile… in my case I can be walking down the street or in a mall with a feeling of dread the faces look dreadful, potentially dangerous and hostile to my existence and this is Winnipeg so really no one knows me i.e. faces are neutral as I walk around like a ghost in a new city. So these scientists were curious so they invented a machine that can measure the brain and they found people with a damage amygdala had difficulty making accurate social judgments about another person’s face and people with larger amygdale had larger and more complex social networks… Then I’ll talk about how I was raised the family back ground bring a little freud in kill the father fuck the mother is the response of the amygdale which receives info a milli second before the rational brain and if we can’t make sense of the information we stop at the a-part of the brain we just react in fight flight or freeze… the nervous system 'one key marital competence is for partners to learn to soothe their own distressed feelings...nothing gets resolved positively when husband or wife is in the midst of an emotional hijacking.'[7] The danger is that 'when our partner becomes, in effect, our enemy, we are in the grip of an "amygdala hijack" in which our emotional memory, lodged in the limbic center of our brain, rules our reactions without the benefit of logic or reason...which causes our bodies to go into a "fight or flight" response'.[8] so I’ll dig deeper and see what emotional memory it is I got stored which is somewhere from between 0-2 which I remember none of but by putting togethor the details of and asking question of my mother and father I’ll be able to put it togethor This activity can be linked to human evolution; during early development, responsive behavior to environmental events would have progressed as a process of trial and error. those who erred died… Survival depended on behavioral patterns that were repeated or reinforced through life and death situations. Through evolution, this process of learning became genetically embedded in humans and all animal species, Dave’s got one in what is known as flight or fight of freeze instinct. The left amygdala has been linked to social anxiety, obsessive and compulsive disorders, and post traumatic stress, as well as more broadly to separation and general anxiety. [27] In a 2003 study, subjects with borderline personality disorder showed significantly greater left amygdala activity than normal control subjects. Some borderline patients even had difficulties classifying neutral faces or saw them as threatening.[28 It is hypothesized that larger amygdalae allow for greater emotional intelligence, enabling greater societal integration and cooperation with others.[44] The amygdala appears to play a role in binge drinking, being damaged by repeated episodes of intoxication and withdrawal. [47] Alcoholism is associated with dampened activation in brain networks responsible for emotional processing, including the amygdala.[48] Does this mean it is better to be a steady drinker of one or two beers a day as opposed to a 20 beer on Tuesday and Friday drinker? well as a socially undeveloped person i would have to say yes... the binge drinking is not good for the brain...too shocking i would say then i'll include parts about me binge drinking. Only 35% of humans develop the capacity to reason formally during adolescence or adulthood. I'm not even sure what that means reason formally... i've finally got the press check on Poems for the Shaw and should have it in my greedy little hands by the 14th of September... then onto Notes of a Broken Life in late stage capitalism or something like that...our poor poor brains (Huitt, W. and Hummel, J. January 1998)[24]